Best Organic Red Wine

Ever since the planting of Thistle Hill’s first vineyards, we have striven for excellence in winemaking. That commitment begins with looking after the land and ends with the wine you pour into your glass. The result is the best organic red wine we can produce. We are proud to have won loyal followers around the world.

What are the foundations of the best organic red wine?

Fine wine does not happen quickly. We have been committed to organic principles since 1975. Not a pesticide nor a herbicide has touched our land in over 40 years! Consequently, our grapes grow in high-quality, nutrient-rich soil. Moreover, our property lies hundreds of miles from the city, so they also benefit from fresh, clean, country air.

Tried and tested winemaking techniques

To make the most of such exceptional fruit, we have spent years developing our winemaking techniques. We take utmost care, every step of the way. That includes carefully picking our grapes, selecting only the best to use and turning them into wine – with minimal interference. The result is wines that are consistently full of flavour and deeply expressive of their origin – our gorgeous valley, ten minutes’ drive from Mudgee town centre.

Best Organic Red WineEver-popular Shiraz

The most popular flavour in our organic red wine collection is our Shiraz. At the moment, two versions are available. The first is the highly quaffable yet enticing 2017 Organic Shiraz, which presents a raspberry coulis and ripe cherry palate, followed by notes of oak and cedar spice.

The second is the 2017 Estate Organic Preservative Free Shiraz. From the first sip, you’ll taste mulberry and vanilla overtones, rounded out with a dark chocolate and rich cherry body.

Big, bold Shiraz Cabernet

For lovers of big, bold, vibrant reds, the 2017 Organic Shiraz Cabernet is a winner. This brave drop delivers a fruity profile – rich with cassis and dark ripe plum – backed up with firm tannins. It is a perfect match for a hearty feast, especially on a cold winter’s night.

Best organic red wines suitable for vegans

Not only are our red wines organic, they are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. No animal products whatsoever go into their making.

Whether you would like to drop by our cellar door or find out more about our best organic red wines, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you. Call us on (02) 6373 3546.