Organic Preservative Free Red Wine

Our organic preservative free red wine is for sensitive wine lovers. It’s made with 100% organic grapes and without any preservatives. We source only the best organic fruit, so every bottle of Thistle Hill wine contains the highest quality ingredients available.

What are the benefits of organic, preservative free red wine?

To drink our organic, preservative-free red wine is to avoid chemicals of all kinds – including pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and additives. This benefits both your health and that of the natural environment.

Furthermore, organic wine offers a high degree of expressiveness. This process starts with preserving the earth’s natural goodness. We have been organic since 1975, our focus is to produce the best possible organic wine we can working with local organic growers.

Organic, preservative free red wine has a rich flavour profile

It stands to reason that such flavourful grapes lead to flavourful wines. When you first sip our organic, preservative-free red wine, you’ll be impressed by the depth and breadth of every drop.

We are proud that our wines make such an impact. But, the truth is, we don’t have to do much! In fact, the key to our success is keeping out of the way. We focus on giving nature the ingredients she needs and letting her do her work. Our winemaking techniques prioritise minimal intervention.

organic preservative free red wineOur 2021 Organic Preservative Free Shiraz

Every season, we produce a limited number of bottles of a limited number of varietals. We take this approach because it allows us to maintain tight control over our work. Unless a wine is of utmost distinction, we won’t release it. It’s as simple as that.

At the moment, our Organic Preservative Free Shiraz is our hero. This intense drop begins with a mulberry and vanilla palate, which gives way to dark chocolate and ripe cherry.