Organic Red Wine Australia

Australians are becoming more and more educated about the benefits of organic produce. While many of us will keep an eye out for certified organic fruit and veg in the supermarket, we may not have considered how organic wine can benefit our health and our taste buds. Thistle Hill winery proudly produce some of the best organic red wine Australia has to offer.

Where to buy organic red wine in Australia

Thistle Hill offers a wide range of Australian certified organic red wines. For a wine product to be certified organic, it must be made from 100% organic grapes. While Thistle Hill started working without herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilisers in 1975, we gained official certification in 1993 – ensuring the products you buy from Thistle Hill are vibrant in flavour and crafted from the highest quality fruits.

Thistle Hill’s organic preservative free red wine is made from fully organic ingredients and is completely free from preservatives, fertilisers and harmful additives. Because the grapes used to make this wine are grown in a natural, pesticide-free environment, the innate, distinctive flavours of the fruit are able to shine through.

As a small-batch winery, Thistle Hill ensures careful quality control. Only the most outstanding wines are made available for purchase – if they don’t suit our standards, they aren’t put up for sale. Our current star of the show is our 2018 Estate Organic Preservative-Free Shiraz, which boasts an extensive flavour profile comprising of lifted mulberry and vanilla with dark chocolate and ripe cherry undertones. As an added benefit, our Shiraz is also vegan-friendly.

Organic Red Wine AustraliaOrganic wine is part of Australia’s future

While Australia has already developed a reputation for producing high-quality, delicious, organic wine, there is still some ways to go. By investing in naturally grown wine products, you will encourage the growth of the organic wine industry in Australia.

The lasting and tangible benefits of organic winemaking for our rolling fields and green farmlands are something all Australians should be passionate about. Organic vines are grown in soil containing more compost and organic matter than chemically-treated vines – this means the soil holds more water, and the vines require less water to grow. Organic grape growing also avoids harmful irrigation practices common in traditional farming. This means organic vineyards will not pollute the existing water supply with chemicals harmful to the local ecosystem.

Interested in tasting organic red wine Australia wide?

If you’d love to indulge your taste buds and enjoy the rich, unique flavours of organic red wine, get in touch with Thistle Hill by calling us on (02) 6373 3546, or enjoy a tasting session at our cellar door from 10am-4pm, 7 days a week.