Organic Red Wine

Our range of organic red wine is made from 100% organic grapes. We started working without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers in 1975, before gaining official certification in 1993.

Our long-term dedication to organic wine-making ensures that our wines are pristine and our processes sustainable. What’s more, our organic reds are vegan-friendly, being free of animal products. We focus on producing small-batch drops, which are now known all over the world for their lively flavour profiles.


Organic red wine: shiraz

One of our organic red wine specialities is shiraz. A popular drop in our current collection is the 2021 Perservative Free Shiraz. This smooth, medium-bodied, youthful shiraz is easy to drink, yet holds plenty of interest. The palate features raspberry coulis and ripe cherry, leading to oak and cedar spice notes.