Organic Wine Australia

We’ve been producing organic wine Australia can’t get enough of for forty years. In that time, we’ve grown from a small winery with a loyal, local following to one with international status. Our success comes down to our exceptional fruit – grown in nutrient-rich soil – and our dedication to excellence in minimal interference winemaking. We’re passionate about keeping our land pristine for future generations.

Organic wine Australia with a long history

When it comes to the history of organic wine in Australia, we’re pioneers. We decided to remove all pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemicals from our property way back in the 1970s, well before “organic” was a trendy word.

Consequently, we’ve spent decades perfecting the art of organic winemaking. We’ve learned how to tend our land carefully, to optimise its health and its productivity. We’ve nurtured our ability to cultivate vines that produce outstanding fruit. And, most importantly, we’ve developed and refined our skills at transforming this fruit into excellent wine. For us, organic wine in Australia isn’t just a fad or a new idea, it’s a life-long calling.

Organic wine from Australia – to the world

Organic Wine AustraliaOur devotion to the best in Australian organic winemaking has paid off. We’re proud of the wines we make, from the lively, balanced whites to the rich, vibrant reds. In keeping with our commitment to our land, we stick to varietals that grow best here. For lovers of organic white wine, that includes Chardonnay and Riesling. For those who like their reds, we offer Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz Cabernet. Mudgee’s Cabernet Sauvignon is legendary.

Today, our wines are sold and enjoyed all over the planet. We’re excited to be sharing Australian drops with the world because we believe that our country produces some of the finest wines to be found anywhere.

However, we haven’t lost our local, country roots. Drop by our friendly cellar door near Mudgee and you’ll find out what we mean. We love making friends and are always happy to share our organic wines, especially new releases. You’ll find us in the Erudgere Valley, just ten minutes’ drive from town. Every wine tasting comes with breathtaking rural views.

Learn more about our wines

Whether you’d like to ask about our organic wine or place an order, please get in touch on (02) 6373 3546. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit us at our cellar door. Our entire range of organic wines in Australia are available from our online shop, too.