Organic Wine Benefits

Modern Australians are more conscious than ever about the food and drink they put into their body. Wine consumption is no exception to this rule. While Australians actively avoided organic wines in the past, times have changed – our passion and desire for organic wine is now on the rise, and the wine trade has jumped on board. Thistle Hill wines are produced with quality in mind. We pay close attention to the production of our wines every step of the way, ensuring they are made from 100% organic ingredients, vegan friendly, and bursting with flavour.

Why choose organic?

Traditionally, wine grapes have been grown using synthetic chemicals that are potentially toxic for your health. At Thistle Hill, our wine has been free from pesticides, herbicides and other synthetic chemicals since 1975; and in 1993, we were awarded organic certification by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA). Our grapes are grown in a self-regulating ecosystem, where we work with the land instead of against it, just the way nature intended.

Organic wine benefitsRed wine is known for its regulatory properties – it aids in the regulation of blood pressure, maintains heart health and boosts your immune system. The benefits of drinking organic red wine are even greater. Australian wine lovers will revel in the enhanced flavours of our organic red wine varieties, such as our 2017 Organic Preservative-Free Shiraz, which boasts fruit-driven flavours of lifted mulberry, vanilla, dark chocolate and ripe cherry.

How does organic wine benefit the environment?

Perhaps the greatest of all organic wine benefits is its role in preserving our beautiful and unique Australian ecosystems. In traditional wine grape farming, farmers work against the environment by using unnatural chemicals to kill insects and other pests. At Thistle Hill, we source our grapes from farmers who take care of the vineyard’s natural balance and work hard to protect the biodiversity of the natural ecosystem.

Organic grape farming requires less water overall, as the compost and organic material-rich soil retains water much better than its traditional counterpart. Because of the avoidance of harmful chemicals, pesticides and traditional irrigation systems, there is also less water pollution.

Where can I purchase organic red wine?

At Thistle Hill, we offer an entirely organically produced range of red and white wines, including preservative-free and vegan-friendly varieties. We are dedicated to lessening our environmental impact and crafting vibrant, high-quality wines. Visit us at our cellar door from 10am-4pm, 7 days a week to take in our idyllic views and enjoy the distinctive flavour of organic wine or give us a call anytime on (02) 6373 3546.