Organic Wine Sydney

From our lovely vineyard in Mudgee, we sell our organic wine in Sydney and across Australia. In fact, we have a large and loyal following throughout the country – and overseas, as well. We believe that this comes down to our longstanding commitment to organic production, from planting and nurturing our vineyards to transforming our grapes into wines known for their exuberant flavour profiles. If you’re looking for organic wine Sydney, then we offer efficient, reliable delivery, to all suburbs.

Organic wines made with care

Ever since Thistle Wines was founded over four decades ago, the brand has been synonymous with excellence. We take utmost care with everything we do.

That’s why original owners David and Lesley Robertson decided to go organic in the first place. They made their decision way back in 1975 and established Thistle Hill vineyards accordingly, without any use whatsoever of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers. Their values continue to be upheld today, by current owners Rob and Mary Loughan.


Our wines are eco-friendly

Not only do organic practices result in premium wines, they also keep environmental impact to a minimum. We love the land that we live and work on, so it’s important to us to look after it well. By avoiding the use of chemicals, we maintain nature’s balance and ensure that pollution doesn’t leach into the environment. It’s our hope that wine making will take place at Thistle Hill for decades into the future. When you order our organic wine in Sydney, you bring a slice of pristine country living to the big smoke.

Efficient and reliable delivery

Even though Mudgee feels like it’s a million miles from skyscrapers and traffic jams, we’re only three-and-a-half hours’ drive from Sydney. This means it’s easy for us to organise efficient, reliable delivery.

We supply organic wine in Sydney to both individuals and businesses. Many of our private clients first discover Thistle Hill while visiting Mudgee and, once they get a taste for our wines, order regular deliveries. In addition, we supply organic wines in Sydney to an array of respected restaurants, bars and eateries. We’re proud to have developed long-term relationships with many successful chefs and prominent hospitality figures.

Get in touch!

To order our organic wine Sydney, all you have to do is get in touch by calling 02 6373 3546. Of course, if you happen to be passing by Mudgee, then you’re welcome to drop by our cellar door!